Sustainable proximity

Local: 7:00 pm
Paris: 7:00 pm
Klimahuset (Climate House), Sars gate 1, Oslo, NO
Norwegian / French

The French Institute of Norway proposes a debate of ideas on the concept of sustainable neighbourhood and its uses. Eco-districts are flourishing all over Europe and the world with a common credo; living in the city and closer to nature.

Based on the film project by French artist Philippe Rostan about the Vulkan eco-district in Oslo, the French Institute of Norway is organising a debate in three parts;

A ten-minute film on the Vulkan eco-district was commissioned from Philippe Rosta.

A debate on 28 January at the brand new Climate House (Klimahuset) in Oslo with a panel including architects, politicians and users.

A deferred interview between three town planners; Emmanuel Cerise town planner in Hanoi, Dominique Sellier town planner in Oslo and Linh Nguyen Tri, head of major urban projects in Paris, will be screened during the live debate in Oslo.