Reinventing links through digital technologies

Locale : 17h45
Paris : 22h45
En ligne depuis Moncton, CA
Anglais / Français

For one evening, people from various fields (artistic, academic, medical and entrepreneurial) in New Brunswick, Quebec and France will share their experiences of how digital technologies play a significant role in their relationships with others. Successes and failures will be discussed, as well as personal stories related to the challenges of maintaining ties in a world where isolation is vital.

Guests :

  • Annie-France Noël, Director of Galerie Sans Nom and photographer artist
  • Dominic Goulet, Director of Québec numérique
  • Jalila Jbilou, Associate professor at School of Psychology at the Université de Moncton and Medical Doctor
  • Mohammed Bouya Ely Vall, President of the Association des Étudiantes et Étudiants Internationaux du Campus Universitaire de Moncton and Master’s degree student
  • Antoine Zboralski, board member of ACFAS-Acadie and PhD student at Université de Moncton
  • Lawren Campbell, Heritage and Culture Coordinator for the City of Moncton
  • Myriane Ouellette, Owner of O’Strategies
  • Leanne Prescott, Director of communication and community development of Food Dépôt Alimentaire
  • Marcel Petitpas, regular host of FuckUp Nights at La Station Workspace