Ecological and Civic Transitions in Southeast Asia’s Cities

Locale : 19h00
Paris : 13h00
Bangkok, Thaïlande Alliance Française of Bangkok, Bangkok, TH

5.30 pm : screening of videos in the Bangkok Alliance Française lobby
6.00 pm – 7.00 pm: Opening session & cocktail
7.00 pm – 8.30 pm: Round-table with excerpts of 4 videos
1. Ms Niramon SERISAKUL, Chulalongkorn uni & Urban Design & Development Ceter (Uddc)
2. M. Surayut SUPSOOK, Chulalongkorn uni & Museum Kadeejeen Community
3. Ms Dominique ALBA, Agence parisienne d’urbanisme / Urban agency of Paris (APUR) (en visio)
5. Ms Jiratip DEVAKULA, Co-founder of “Young-Thon” group, graduate from Institute Housing & Urban Development Studies
+ as moderator: Ms Krittika « JEAN » CLOITRE, NBT News Anchor & reporter (International News)
Vidéos to be screened:
1) « Flows of sand », by Monika Arnez – CRISEA project (on discontent / « Melaka Gateway »): 5 mn
2) « Modern Wars: Sihanoukville, a Chinese or Cambodian City », by Judith Kohl & Carol-Anne Telenis (2 views on the Devt): 5mn
3) Bangkok towards Walkable City (& Community involvement): Uddc Projects (Excerpt of 8th Nov visit of Skypark + Green Bridge): 8 mn
4) Reflections of the youth (AF students) on the City or their living areas (+ – 8 mn)
Note 1. This event is co-organized by: IRASEC, Embassy of France in Thailand, Chulalongkorn Univ (CU)-UDDC, Alliance Française of bangkok (AF), Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS)
Note 2. A « Before the Night » event is scheduled to take place on the Saturday 23 January with a series of activities (cinema, urban visits, exhibition, Human Library / UN women, etc.) all related to the central thematic. This event could be postponed to February or March (out of a new surge of Covid-19 cases)
Note 3. The 28 January Nuit des Idées could alternatively (because of sanitary situation) be held in remote format (Live FB Streeming), with only the speakers holding physically the round-table.