" Relive the live of the Night of Ideas 2021 "

Relive the 24 hours of non-stop live of the last edition of the Night of Ideas

At a time when the global health crisis is limiting international gatherings and mobility of people, the French Institute invites you to relive the unprecedented digital experience that took place on 28 January 2021, on the occasion of the Night of Ideas.

" From Oceania to the West Coast of the United States, cross time zones to relive an exceptional moment of free flow of ideas and knowledge. "

Part 1 EN/ Part 1FR

9:00 am (broadcast time) / 00:00 am (time code associated with the Facebook replay)

9h00 / 00:00:00 : Kick-off of the Night of Ideas

09h06 / 00:06:00 : Live fromItaly, Lebanon, France and the United States, a 24-hourpreview of Night and Ideas

09h19 / 00:19:15 : Live fromGermany, the point of view of the sponsor of the edition, the philosopher and sociologist Hartmut Rosa

09h22 / 00:22:35 : Live fromAustralia, with engineer Jordan Nguyen

09h35 / 00:35:10 : Launched from Fiji, report and testimonials on the Lomaiviti Princess, the night ferry linking the islands of the archipelago.

09h50 / 00:50:06:: Report on the Sky Park and Green Bridge in Bangkok, Thailand, with Niramon Serisakul, Director of the Urban Design and Development Centre(review on YouTube)

09h58 / 00:58:10 : From Romania, testimonies from all ages on the relationship with loved ones

10h05 / 01:05:45 : Live from China, meeting on philosophy for young people, with Marie-France Hazebroucq, editor

10h24 / 01:24:10 : Big interview in Cameroon with the novelist Djaïli Amadou Amal, Goncourt des lycéens 2020

10h55 / 01:55:55 : Live from Germany, big interview with the philosopher and sociologist Hartmut Rosa

11h15 / 02:15:05 : In Taiwan, conversation and performance in the streets of Taipei with Singing CHEN, director, and Shu-yi CHOU, choreographer

11h46 / 02:46:50 : In South Korea, Kim Won-jung, from the Korean Women Development Institute, returns to the issue of care.

Part 1 EN/ Part 1FR

11:55 (broadcast time) / 02:55:50 (time code associated with the Facebook replay)

11h55 / 02:55:50 : Between the United States and France, dialogue on translation with Souleymane Bachir Diagne and Barbara Cassin

12h14 / 03:14:15 : Live from Hong Kong, visit of the Art Museum with its director, Maria Mok

12h23 / 03:23:55: Big interview with director Johnnie To, in Hong Kong

12h40 / 03:40:50 : In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the director Davy Chou answers questions from high school students.

12h59 / 03:59:10 : Big interview with novelist Gong Ji Young in South Korea

13h38 / 04:38:00 : In Jerusalem, the anthropologist Ali Qleibo takes us on a tour of the Abu Gosh Templar Church.

13h43/ 04:43:17: In Norway, Philippe Rostan reports on the Vulkan eco-district in Oslo, meeting its inhabitants(see on YouTube).

13h55 / 04:55:00 : Big interview in Russia with the novelist Lyudmila Ulitskaya

14h37 / 05:37:00 : Between France and Russia, rooftop performance between choreographer Olga Tsvetkova and director Philippe Quesne

14h46 / 05:46:35 : Night walk in the streets of Saint Petersburg in Russia with urban planner Oleg Patchenkov

14h57 / 05:57:32 : In Tajikistan, night walk in the streets of Dushanbe, with Manzura Uljabaeva, from the Institute of Art and Design and journalist Nisso Rassulova

15h07 / 06:07:43 : In Nepal, micro-trotting in the streets of Kathmandu to explore the theme of the family

15:30 / 06:29:45 : Live from the Purana Qila in Delhi, bringing together scientists, artists, historians and writers.

Part 1 EN/ Part 1FR

16:00 (broadcast time) / 07:00:00 (time code associated with the Facebook replay)

16:00 / 07:00:00 : Continuation of the great live broadcast from the Purana Qila in Delhi, bringing together scientists, artists, historians and writers.

16h26 / 07:26:00 : In Sri Lanka, night walk with researcher Sarah Kabir, specialist in civil war and reconciliation

16h41 /07:41:50 : From Romania, testimonies from all ages on the relationship with loved ones

16h46 / 07:46:36: Live from Croatia, interview with Irena Kregar Segota, for Rijeka European Capital of Culture

17h00 / 07:55:30: Live from Greece and Turkey, a great dialogue between the youth of the two countries.

17h42 / 08:42:00 : Night bus ride through the streets of Nairobi, Kenya with writer John Sibi-Okumu, former mayor of the capital Joe Aktech, poet Teardrops and resident Molly Akeyo.

17h56 / 08:56:33 : On the waters of the Nile in Egypt, interview with sociologist Caroline Barbary

18h17 / 09:17:38 : In the streets of Esna in Egypt, guided tour to meet the inhabitants with the urban planner researcher Kareem Ibrahim

18h27 / 09:27:02 : In Beirut, Lebanon, meditations on art and resilience in times of crisis, with the exhibition Art Wounded

18h41 / 09:41:50: Live from London, UK, dialogue with lawyer Philippe Sands (see on YouTube)
18h55 / 09:55:55 : In Gabon, the writer Janis Otsiemi takes us into the night in the United States district of Akébé

19h12/ 10:12:42 : In Denmark, interview with the restaurateur Claus Meyer, one of the fathers of Nordic nouvelle cuisine

19h21 / 10:21:25 : In the streets of Cameroon, micro-trottoir to meet the inhabitants by Ousmanou Sali

19h37 / 10:37:30 : In the Netherlands, interview between journalist Margot Djikgraaf and philosopher Daan Roovers

Part 1 EN/ Part 1FR

20:00 (broadcast time) / 10:55:00 (time code associated with the Facebook replay)

20h00 / 10:55:00: Live from Paris, interview with Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs (see on YouTube)

20h06 / 11:01:00: Live from Lagos, Nigeria, choreography by Hermes Chibueze Ileye and Sunday Ozegbe, from Ennovate Dance House.

20h12 / 11:07:33 : Live from Gabon, meet the artist Corail Kin

20h20 / 11:15:39 : Live from Quebec to Canada and from France, dialogue between the Musée des Arts et Métiers, the Centre Pompidou and Concordia University


< Part 2 ( EN ) / Part 2 ( FR) >


20h36 / 00:02:00: Interview in Cameroon with the novelist Djaïli Amadou Amal, Prix Goncourt des lycéens in 2020

21h06 / 00:33:16: Big talk in Germany with sociologist and philosopher Hartmut Rosa

21h26 / 00:51:53 : In the streets of Rome in Italy with its former mayor, Francesco Rutelli, to meet researchers and creators

21h40 / 01:10:20 : In Bosnia and Herzegovina, historian Boris Trapara guides us through the streets of Sarajevo

21h50 / 01:17:10: On the banks of the Seine in France and Congo in Congo, Romuald Fonkoua talks about African music, before a performance by the cross-border group Afro Beatbox Kongo Jazz.

22h00 / 01:27:22 : Great conversation in Egypt between the poetess Iman Mersal and the editor-in-chief of Mada Masr, Lina Attalah

22H38 / 02:03:44 : In the Netherlands, journalist Margot Dijkgraaf talks to actor and poet Ramsey Nasr

22h43 / 02:09:15 : In Stockholm, Sweden, visit of the Boodla Urban Community Garden

22h49 / 02:14:13 : Art historian Bouaabid Bouzid takes us on a night tour of the medina of Tetouan, Morocco

23h00 / 02:24:50: Cross-border dialogue around the theatre with Ahmed El Attar in Egypt and the Syrian Ossama Halal in Lebanon

23h42 / 03:05:45: Report at night in the streets of Libreville in Gabon with the SAMU social

23:52 / 03:16:30: Readings in Arabic, Hebrew and French from the cities ofIsrael

Part 2 (FR ) / Part 2 (EN)

00:00 (broadcast time) / 03:23:40 (time code associated with the Facebook replay)

00h00/ 03:23:40: In the United Arab Emirates, researcher Laure Assaf talks about architecture and containment

00h16 / 03:41:00 : Live from the United States and France, musical duo of Dan Tepfer and Thomas Enhco

00:30 / 03:59:00 : In the United States, Patti Smith is given carte blanche to evoke the Night of Ideas, between unpublished poems and songs.

00h46 / 04:16:07 : Live from the United States to Washington, interview with Lonnie Bunch, founder of the Museum of African American History and Culture and Secretary of the Smithonian Institute

01h00 / 04:31:33: Big interview in Brazil with the indigenous philosopher and activist Ailton Krenak

01h35 / 05:06:25: Musical flight to the Amazon from Venezuela

01h49: 05:19:45: In Bogota, Colombia, testimonies of the pandemic with Luz Dary Cogollo, cook, Katerine, sex worker and Jefferson Daniel Murcia, taxist.

02h00 / 05:30:10 : In Cali, Colombia, reflections on dance in times of pandemic with Andrea Estrada Gutierez, from the Delirio Foundation.

02h05 / 05:35:30: In Medellin, Colombia, perspectives on urban art and botany, with Ana Milena Estrada, visual artist, and Felipe Cardona Naranjo, biologist.

02h08 / 05:39:00: In Santa Marta, Colombia, music and magic realism

02h13 / 05:43:00: In the Dominican Republic, meeting public transport passengers, with an interview with Philippe Letourneur, director of the Santo Domingo cable car.

02h20 / 05:50:45 : In Brazil and French Guiana, micro-trottoir to meet the inhabitants of Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Bélem and Cayenne

02h35 / 06:05:50: In El Salvador, interlude danced on the rooftops of the capital with Sick Cyborg and Erika Pirl, to original music by Jane Taylor.

02h45 / 06:15:20: In New York, USA, at the Brooklyn Public Library, interview between journalist Mona Eltahaway and writer Yuri Herrara.

03h00 / 06:30:40: Between Monterrey in Mexico and Houston in the United States, sociologists Rubén Hernández León, Chad Richardson and Victor Zúñiga explore the border issue.

03h48 / 07:19:24: In Argentina, to meet the novelist Luciana de Mello, around writing workshops in prison

Part 2 (FR ) / Part 2 (EN)

04:00 (broadcast time) / 07:32:06 (time code associated with the Facebook replay)

4h00 / 07:32:06 : Big interview with the sociologist and philosopher Hartmut Rosa, godfather of the edition

04h23 / 07:54:05 : In France and the United States, dialogue on translation between Souleymane Bachir Diagne and Barbara Cassin

04h40 / 08:10:23 : Night walk in Boston, USA with literature specialist Sylvaine Guyot and historian Nicolas Prevelakis

05h00 / 08:30:24: Interview between London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, USA, and journalist Mina Kim

05h15 / : 08:46:30 : In San Francisco in the United States, dance performance by young high school students

05h21 / 08:52:00 : At the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, USA, interview with the director Melissa Chiu and the sculptor Jeff Koons.

05h26: At the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, USA, an interview with the artist Sterling Ruby.

05h31 / 09:02:25: In New York and Maryland, USA, children reflect with philosopher Marie Robert on questions of friendship.

05h42 / 09:12:29 : Night stroll in Chicago in the United States with architect Jeanne Gang to reflect on the city of tomorrow

05h54 / 09:24:20: In New Orleans, USA, to meet the artist Brandan Bmike Odums

06h01 / 09:30:37: In Atlanta, USA, to meet choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

06h11 / 09:42:52: In Washington, D.C., USA, musical performance from the Hirshhorn Museum

06h17 / 09:48:25 : From Los Angeles in the United States, discussion between major cultural institutions

06h37 / 10:08:00 In Atlanta, USA, dialogue between Robert Barsky and Lauren Tate Baeza, curator of African art at the High Museum.

06h53 / 10:24:34 : In Atlanta, USA, meeting with artist Jean Boucault

07h00 / 10:30:54 : In Miami, USA, meditation on the beach

07h09 / 10:40:15 : In Atlanta, United States, dialogue between lawyer Robert Barsky and Shanequa Gay

07h25 / 10:55:00: In New York, USA, meeting with Christia Mercer's philosopher about teaching in prison.

07h31 / 11:00:36: In Houston, USA and in France, dialogue between astronauts Thomas Pesquet and Michael Lopez-Alegria.

07h51 / 11:21:40: In Houston, USA, visit of the Lunar & Planetary Institute with planetologist Candice Bedford.

08:00 / 11:30:18 : Astronaut Claudie Haigneré in dialogue with Australia

08h10 / 11:39:50 : From France andGermany, closing of the Night of Ideas with the philosopher and sociologist Hartmut Rosa, godfather of the edition

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