Nearby: what kind of world for tomorrow?

Local: 6:00 pm
Paris: 6:00 pm
Maison Denise Masson, Maison du dialogue 49, derb Zemrane - Bab Doukkala, Marrakech, MA

The Night of Ideas at the Maison Denise Masson, Maison du dialogue.


  • Younès Ajarraï, expert in cultural engineering
  • Mehdi Alioua, co-director of LMI MOVIDA, sociologist and permanent teacher-researcher at Sciences Po Rabat
  • Mehdi Dehbi, actor and director
  • Jamila Essaih, dancer and choreographer
  • Mohamed Maouhoub, Professor of Philosophy at Cadi Ayad University in Marrakesh
  • Hajar Mousannif, teacher-researcher in artificial intelligence (AI), Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech
  • Hanane Essaydi: Moderator

Round table followed by the restitution of the dance creation residency that took place at the Maison Denise Masson (September - November 2020) // Title: Dialogue with travellers by HARAKA

Choreography: Jamila ESSAIH and Kamal ADISSA