Close - new solidarities in Serbia, Europe and the France of tomorrow

Local: 2:30 pm
Paris: 2:30 pm
French Institute of Belgrade (online)
Serbian / French

The Night of Ideas in Serbia highlights the French Institute of Serbia's Idea Debate programme in 2021 with three cycles of meetings developed throughout the year: "Equality in the digital world", "Collapses and Rebirths" and "Rendez-Vous in Europe".

Emphasis is placed on new forms of solidarity, equality between women and men and the fight against discrimination, and the challenges of democracy in the face of new geostrategic (des)balances. This programme is asserting itself in a European dynamic, in terms of values and collective intelligence, while a-liberal influences are gaining ground everywhere.

In continuous streaming from 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm on the Youtube Live and/or Facebook channel of the French Institute of Serbia, 3 live interactive meetings will be proposed, interspersed with shorter videos showing recent meetings on the same theme. This stream will be resumed in video projection in our premises, in order to welcome the public if the situation allows it.

The French Institute of Serbia celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2021. The Night of Ideas 2021 will be the first event of this celebration.

3 live and interactive events

The conference "The Dreyfus Affair, current resonances", by historian Lucien Grillet, Associate Professor of Modern History at the University of Rouen.

The promotion of the book A Continent Behind Putin? (Seuil, 2018), by journalist Anne Nivat, recently published in Serbian by Akademska Knjiga, illustrated by a debate between the author and a Serbian historian, with the moderation of Florian Herber, history teacher at the French Lycée in Belgrade.

The round table "Video game, where are the women? The panel discussion "Video games, where are the women?" will bring together Jehanne Rousseau, co-founder and director of Studio Spiders, winner of the 2020 Pegasus Award for Personality of the Year, presented by the Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques; Marija Ilić, a member of the Serbian Games Association, recently named one of the 100 "Gamechangers" by the portal; Milica Todorovic, Associate Producer at Ubisoft Belgrade. The meeting will be moderated by Kristina Jankovic, Executive Director of Serbian Games Association.
(In English, no translation)

4 short video presentations of previous meetings on the subject of new forms of solidarity.

"Internet for everyone?! Violence, misogyny, sexism and possible resistance", organised by the association BEFEM, with Josiane Jouët, sociologist, professor emeritus in information and communication sciences, Margaux Collet, trainer and consultant on gender equality, Tanja Ignjatović, psychologist, consultant for work with women victims of male violence, Lana Nikolić, journalist and activist, Jelena Višnjić, director of BeFem (moderator).

A study on violence against women in times of pandemic, by the NGO Zenska Inicijativa

First meeting of the "Rendez-Vous en Europe" cycle, on major European issues, organised by SCAC, the European Movement of Serbia, and the European Movement of France.

"Horizons d'engagements, perpétuer Bourdieu", a restitution of the colloquium organized by the Institute of Philosophy and Social Theory of the University of Belgrade, with Ivica Mladenovic, Marc Crépon and others.

12 artistic interludes "Inspired by France".

A series of 12 video clips "Inspired by France" will punctuate the exchanges: chosen from the collections of 4 Serbian museums, works by Serbian artists linked to France become accessible online in short and dynamic clips, subtitled in French. The works are presented by renowned curators, inviting the public to meet the works within the museums themselves: Gallery of Matica srpska, Novi Sad, Memorial Collection Pavle Beljanski, Novi Sad, Gallery of Fine Arts - Donation and Collection of Rajko Mamuzić, Novi Sad, The National Museum of Belgrade.