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Local: 3:30 pm
Paris: 3:30 pm
International School of Carthage, The Gardens of Carthage, Tunis

Close and...

#Lightdesigns at the ISC.#
At the cultural space of the International School of Carthage-Tunisia.

15.45-16.45 Debate Radio EIC - guest Ms Sonia Chelly, psychologist
The theme of the community within the school, i.e. the relationship that the pupils establish between themselves. The notion of community is linked to the idea of solidarity! Myth or reality?

17h-17h30 Theatre - College

17.30-18.30 EIC radio debate - guest Mr SLAMA history and geography teacher and 5th grade students
"The Arabic language and the French language - close for centuries."

During the period of French settlement in the Maghreb between 1830 and 1912, the French used common Arabic words spoken in North Africa to communicate with the inhabitants of the region. The French then adopted this vocabulary. After the Second World War, migrants from North Africa also brought new practices to France with the words to speak about it, but already in the Middle Ages, learned vocabulary entered the French language through Arabic. We find scientific words such as "algebra" or "algorithm" or even "still", "alcohol", "alchemy" but also animal names such as "gazelle", "giraffe", "cockroach" or plant and fruit names such as "apricot" or "artichoke".