How close?

Local: 6:30 pm
Paris: 7:30 pm
Jimi Hope stage of the French Institute of Togo, Avenue de Gaulle, in front of the French Consulate, TG

After "A Common World" in 2017, "Imagination in Power? "in 2018, "Facing the present: the imminent impossible" in 2019 and "Being alive" in 2020, the French Institute of Togo wishes to question this year, for one evening, human relations, the closeness between people in a city like Lomé, but also the current forms of solidarity, our commitments, our social life and our relations with this "neighbour", close and yet distant / different, in such a special period...

The notion of "Close" will be approached through philosophy with the Togolese writer Kossi Efoui, through the circus arts with the Afuma Company, through the theatre with the Beninese Giovanni Houansou RFI Theatre 2018 prize and his play "Il pleut des humains sur nos pavés" (It rains humans on our pavement) but also through music, cinema, urban planning, etc.