Night of Ideas - Institut français de Roumanie

Local: 4:00 pm
Paris: 2:00 pm
French Institute of Romania, Bucharest, RO
French / Romanian


1. Lespugue

Video-art by Alexandra Sand
Online, Facebook - Institutul Francez, 16h45 - 16h55

2. Close through the ages

Online, Facebook - Institutul Francez, 17h10-17h15

3. "Between past and present, between France and Romania."

Teleperformance with Julien DAILLERE
Online, Facebook - Institutul Francez, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

4. Close through the ages

Online, Facebook - Institutul Francez, 18h45-18h50

5. "Man and Crisis Through the Ages."

Online, Facebook - Institutul Francez, 19h00 - 20h20

6. Surprise film

Online, Eventbook - Elvire at home, 19h00-23h59


1. Dialogue on the concept of proximity

Online, Facebook - Institutul Francez Timișoara, 20:00 - 20:45

Speakers :

  • Eva Illouz, sociologist
  • Mihaela Dedeoglu, RFI Romania
2. Online mini-interviews on the theme "close".

Speakers :

  • Dominic Fritz, Mayor of Timisoara
  • Oana Simionescu, architect, co-founder of the independent cultural space Faber community
  • Christine Cizmas (actress) and Ovidiu Mihăiță (director), co-founders of the independent theatre "Auăleu" and the Museum of Communist Consumerism.
  • Oana Doboși and Raluca Selejan, booksellers, founders of the independent bookshop La Două Bufnițe
3. Little Night of Ideas : Personal development workshop for children from 6 to 10 years old.

with instructor Ioana Covașă (Happy Education by IC)
Online, on Zoom, free, 6:00 pm


1. "Close. Let's break down the walls."

Online, Facebook - French Institute of Cluj, 7:00 pm
Debate on urban regeneration via street art in Cluj and Nantes.

2. Little Night of Ideas: Tales and games workshop

with Luiza Rus
Online on Zoom, 4:30 pm (children 3-6 years old)

3. Little Night of Ideas : Intergenerational Critical Thinking Workshop

with Mihaela Frunză
Online on Zoom, 6:00 pm (children 8-12 years old and parents)


1. "Identities revisited"

Live debate
Online, Facebook - French Institute Iași, 7:00 pm

Speakers :

  • Diana MǍRGǍRIT, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, "Al. I. Cuza" University
  • Snejana DRUTǍ-SULIMA, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University "Al. I. Cuza" University
  • Ovidiu GAVRILOVICI, Professor at the Faculty of Psychology, University "Al. I. Cuza" University
  • Moderator: Simona Manolache, Lecturer at the University "Stefan cel Mare" of Suceava