Night of Ideas: Closing the Distance | Houston

Locale : 18h00
Paris : 00h00
Online From Houston, US
English / Spanish

This unprecedented virtual experience will allow audiences from every corner of the country (and the world) to interact with major thinkers and artists, and to participate in philosophical conversations about the most pressing issues of our time. Join the Houston Night of ideas: Closing the distance for:

  • A Cross-Border Dialogue: Borders That Bring us Closer, Borders That Unite Us with Dr. Víctor Zúñiga, Dr. Chad Richardson and Dr. Rubén Hernández León;
  • A discussion on planetary exploration and how searching for the answers to humanity’s long-standing questions is bringing us together as a society with Dr. Candice Bedford;
  • Humankind Facing the Universe: a dialogue between astronauts Thomas Pesquet and Michael López-Alegría, moderated by Eric Van Der Wal