Making social spaces

Locale : 18h30
Paris : 15h30
Abu Dhabi YOUTH HUB YOUTH HUB, Abu Dhabi, AE
Émirats arabes unis

Hosted by the Abu Dhabi Youth Hub as part of “La Nuit des idées” (Night of Ideas), a series of events coordinated by the French Institute with the collaboration of NYUAD, the roundtable “Making social spaces” brings together scholars and practitioners to discuss urban planning, public spaces, and social and cultural practices in Abu Dhabi. How is social space created at the intersection between architectural design and users’ practices? In which spaces and through which modalities do people come together and “make” space in a city as diverse as Abu Dhabi? How are these processes approached by various disciplines, from architecture and urban design to the social sciences and the arts?

Moderated by Laure Assaf (NYUAD), the roundtable gathers researchers Pradeep Sharma (Salama Foundation), Adina Hempel (Zayed University), Alamira Reem Bani Hashim (author of Planning Abu Dhabi), and Ji Young Kim (Al Qasimi Foundation).