Ideas that bring together

Local: 4:00 pm
Paris: 10:00 pm
Bogota (online) and other Colombian cities

Cali : Virtual

- 16:00 - 18:00 Roundtable discussion with the title "Movimientos sociales en tiempos de pandemia" in partnership with the Collective Casa Fractal and the National University of Colombia, Sede Palmira.


  • Berenice Celeita (Cali) - Universidad Intercultural de los Pueblos - Activist, defender of human rights, economic, social and cultural rights in Colombia, director of the Nomadesc Association
  • Catalina Galeano (Cali) - Escuela Política Travesías por la Paz y la Equidad de Género - Feminist activist in defense of life, member of the Collective En Red Podemos and coordinator of Incidencia within the Escuela Política Travesías por la Paz y la Equidad de Género.
  • Stephanie López (Cali) - Noís Radio - journalist member of the Noís Radio collective, her work focuses on the development of projects in independent and alternative communication, particularly around Afro-Pacific communities.
  • Juan Ricardo Aparicio Cuervo (Bogotá) - Professor in the Department of Languages and Culture of the University of the Andes, researcher on social movements
  • Juan Daniel León, Rector of the National University of Colombia, Palmira campus.

Bogota : Virtual

- 18:00 - 19:15 Roundtable discussion with the title "Social and cultural movement in times of pandemia".


  • Angelica MONTES MONTOYA, philosopher and politician, specialist in multiculturalism and creolization, researcher at the GRECOL-ALC, RUECA of the University of Cartagena.
  • Amalia BOYER, philosopher, University of Rosario in Bogota, specialist in Aesthetics in Politics
  • Juan Ricardo APARICIO, Sociologist, University of the Andes in Bogotá
  • Fernando SARRIA KOKO, university professor, specialist in indigenous protest movements (Minga)
  • Andrea ESTRADA, Commercial Director of the DELIRIO Foundation

- 19:15 - 20:30 Roundtable discussion with the title: "Proximity and vulnerability in times of pandemic".

Participants :

  • Cecilia MEDINA, Founder of the solidarity initiative #paratodo
  • Javier, Ministry of Culture
  • Andres GONGOLA, Museo Nacional
  • Representative of Fundacion Gilberto Alzate
  • Association for the Protection of Women Victims of Trafficking

Bucaramanga : Virtual

- 18:30 - 19:45: Charla "So far and so close to what we could be / Tan lejos y tan cerca de lo que podríamos ser"

Participants: Patrick SIMEON and Ana Cecilia OJEDA from the Universidad Industrial de Santander

- 18h30 - 19h45 : Charla "Ideas pour rester proche du français / Ideas para permanecer en contacto con el francés" (Ideas for staying close to the French / Ideas for permanent contact with the French)
Participants : Charla de Edga Mireya URIBE and Frédéric VEAU from the Universidad Industrial de Santander

- 19:30 - 21:30 Café philo: "Being close through barriers / Estar cerca gracias a las barreras". Reading of texts in torno al tema and the presenter Jorge UGARTE from the Alianza Francesa de Bucaramanga

Cartagena: Presential

- 17h - 17h20 CHILDREN'S STORY CONTEST: Presentation of the works and finalists of the children's storytelling contest launched in December by the Alliance française.
- 17h20 - 18h REFLEJO: Dance performance by Corpodanza. Original creation around the theme of proximity with Jose Sarkar and Cristian Castillo.
- 18h- 19h CONVERSATORY: ¿Has the health crisis of 2020 transformed our individual and collective relationship to our environment? How can we approach 2021 from a social, cultural and artistic perspective?


  • Niuska Rigñack (directora Cultural COMFENALCO)
  • Pedro "El Mono" Salazar (Director Fundación "Amigos del Mar")
  • Wilfran Barrios (Maestro en Danza)
  • Edgardo Carmona (Maestro Pintor)
  • Alfonso "Funkcho" Salas (músico, integrante de "Caribefunk")
  • Moderator: Gustavo Sanz

- 7:00 - 7:20 pm WHO AM I? Dance duet by Jose Sarkar and Cristian Castillo
- 7:20 - 8:00 pm CLOSER: Presentation of the exhibition of the collective of artists and designers of the Nuit des Idées 2021. - Fernández Park Madrid
- 20h - 20h15 CHILDREN'S STORY CONTEST: Announcement of the winners of the contest and prize-giving ceremony.
- 8:15 - 9:00 p.m. FREGANTINO: Musical performance by the music group of the same name.
- 21h - 22h DJ: Closing of the Night with music by Diego Mejia.

Barranquilla: Virtual with a presence component

The theme of proximity will be approached from the point of view of different fields, it will be a question of addressing the interactions between human beings in the present day, but also the interactions with other species. The discussions will involve experts from different fields: Anthropology - Technology - Politics - Sociology - Philosophy - Communication - Sciences - Culture.


  • Miguel Iriarte (Poet, Degree in Philology and Language from the Universidad del Atlántico)
  • Nibaldo Castro (Playwright and Cultural Manager)
  • Gustavo Bell (Colombian historian, journalist, lawyer and politician)
  • Karen Osorio (social communicator and influencer)
  • Research Group Nuevo Poliestesis of the Universidad del Atlántico (Philosophy)
  • Macondo Lab (Technological Centre of the Universidad Simón Bolívar)
  • Carlos Polo (writer and journalist)

Medellín: Virtual

- Virtual meeting around digital in times of confinement. How can we continue to be close? How to get closer? What are the obstacles to overcome? 1h
- Music, lectures or readings sober proximity, distance, loneliness, company. 30min
- Virtual exchange with speakers from 5 municipalities, 5 cities from 5 different continents. The cultural and psychological proximity of rational animals. 1h
- Music, lectures or readings to get closer or further away. 30min
- Discussion and conclusion. 1hmin

Manizales :: Virtual with a presence component

Cycle of lectures on vital encounters for abnormal temporalities: Identity weaving. Musical space (broadcast live from the Alliance Française.


  • Manuela López (Research on relationship: culture, aesthetics, identity and daily life in the department of Caldas)
  • Andrés Felipe Betancourth (culture and civic identity)
  • Revista Alternativa (culture and region)
  • Grupo SUMARTE (colectif of universities in Manizales)
  • Organización Tejidos (building relationships in local cultural management)
  • Moderator: AF Manizales

The concert will take place in an open space of the Alliance Française de Manizales with live broadcasting.
Dean Sabir Fariratofe (sounds of the Amazon and the mountains)
Escuela de Sikuris Manizales (Latin American Andean Music) screening of an animal short film.