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Toronto's Night of Ideas: To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

Toronto's Night of Ideas: To Sleep or Not to Sleep?

quand : 25/01/2018 - 19h00

lieu : Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle , Toronto

pays : Canada


In partnership with the Cultural Service of the French Embassy in Canada and Hart House, the Art Museum at the University of Toronto is thrilled to present Night of Ideas: To Sleep or Not to Sleep on Thursday, January 25, from 7 pm to 7 am. The Art Museum is one of the first Canadian institution to take part in this French-initiated global, all-night event happening simultaneously in more than 50 cities. Night of Ideas will bring together international artists, writers, philosophers, historians, neuroscientists and other restless minds to tackle such wide-ranging subjects as the neuroscience of sleep, the meaning of downtime, the health impact of sleeplessness, the cultural importance of dreaming, and the architecture and politics of sleep.

Opening Reception of “Figures of Sleep” at the Art Museum
Food drive for Covenant House (all night)
All participants are encouraged to come in Pajamas, Nightcaps, Bathrobes, Housecoats and bring their swimsuits

Remarks at University of Toronto Art Centre

Introductions with French Ambassador Kareen Rispal, Warden of Hart House John Monahan, and Director Barbara Fischer (Great Hall)
Dr. Beatriz Colomina (Architectural History, Princeton University) - Keynote (Great Hall)
Cash bar and food available in Great Hall
Get Crafty: Sleep mask workshop (Reading Room) 8:00pm
Pajama Pageant
Scaramella presents a musical performance with the Hart House viols in the Gallery Grill 2

To dream or not to dream (Reading Room) A conversation about dreams, their role in history and in art, in solitary self-reflection and for a world to change
Ian MacRae (English, Wilfred Laurier University)
Janine Rivière (Early Modern History, University of Toronto)
Elizabeth Legge (Art History, University of Toronto)
Ian Balfour (English, York University)
Jill Carter (Drama and Indigenous Studies, University of Toronto)
A reading with Chloé Delaume (Author and performer)
Tom McDonough (Comparative Literature, Binghamton University)
Rebecca Comay (Philosophy and Comparative Literature, University of Toronto”) Sharon Sliwinski (Information & Media Studies, University of Western Ontario)
James Carpenter (Healer, Anishnawbe Health Toronto)

To think or not to think (Great Hall, Fire place) The panelists discuss sleep from the perspectives of neuroscience and philosophy (what is sleep; what happens to us when we sleep; why do we sleep)
Richard Horner (Medicine and Physiology, University of Toronto)
Christelle Peyron (Neuroscience, Centre de Research en Neurosciences de Lyon)
Adrian Owen (Neuroscience, University of Western Ontario)
John Ricco (Art History and Comparative Literature, University of Toronto)
Dalibor Frioux (Philosopher and writer)
Kenton Kroker (Science & Technology Studies, York University) Jean-Luc Nancy (Philosophy, European Graduate School)

To sleep or not to sleep (Great Hall, Circle) A discussion of defying sleep and sleep deprivation, of conflict and neighbourhood in a 24/7 world (labor, protest, music, darkness and light, health)
Michael Thompson (City Councillor, Toronto/Scarborough)
Dalton Higgins (Publicist, author and festival presenter)
Bryan Palmer (Canadian Studies, Trent University)
Sarah Sharma (McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto)
Syrus Marcus Ware (Artist and Activist)
Mike Tanner (Economic Development & Culture Division, City of Toronto)
Vikas Kohli (Music producer, FatLabs Recording Studio)
Samuel Challéat (Geography, French National Research Centre CNRS) 3 10:30pm
Max Richter “Sleep” an audio presentation of an 8-hour lullaby, 8 hours 24 mins (MAP Room, and broadcast on CIUT 89.5FM)

Jon Sasaki “A Rest”, performance approx. 10 mins (Lower Gym)

Night Swim, limited admission and bring your swimsuit and lock, towels provided (Hart House Pool)

Andy Warhol, “Sleep” 16mm screening, 5 hours 22 mins (East Common Room)
Galleries close
Music by DJ L’Oqenz and Bar continue (Great Hall)

Bar closes in the Great Hall 6:30am
Hart House Café at the Gallery Grill open for espresso and fresh pastry

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