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Night of Ideas 2019

Night of Ideas 2019

quand : 31/01/2019 - 17h00

lieu : Institut français du Royaume-Uni, 17 Queensberry Place, SW7 2DT , London

pays : United Kingdom


The Night of Ideas 2019: Facing our Time

The Institut français du Royaume-Uni, the Higher Education and Research Department and the Cultural Department of the French Embassy have put together a thought-provoking programme of debates, performances and screenings exploring the latest ideas behind issues central to our times. Across French, British and European perspectives, the next edition of the NIGHT OF IDEAS will engage audiences in open debates with the theme FACING OUR TIME as the common thread to question today’s challenges.

Europe and the environment are major issues facing us today. Too often, however, they are perceived as abstract and remote. The NIGHT OF IDEAS will breathe life into them, inviting audiences to discuss the possibilities for a brighter future where citizens take matters into their own hands.

Europe Beyond Walls
2019 sees the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and the Iron Curtain, when the people of Europe took their freedom and destinies into their own hands. And yet, today, European countries seem to wish to withdraw within their own borders again. The NIGHT OF IDEAS will be a forum for those who believe in European values and ideas, and embody a new living, breathing European citizenship.

The Earth Here and Now
Climate change is everyone’s responsibility, it affects every aspect of our lives, yet its consequences seem difficult to counteract. Can art and education help us shape a future for our planet? The NIGHT OF IDEAS explores how to become a true environmental citizen.


Alberto Alemanno, Professor of EU Law

Agnès Alexandre Collier, Professor of Political Sciences

A.C. Grayling, Philosopher

Nicolas Hatton, Founder the3million

Mathilde Hériaud, Journalist, co-founder Toi d'Europe

Nicolas Hulot, Environmental activist

Patricia Jolly, Journalist, Le Monde

Cédric Klapisch, Filmmaker

Philippe Marlière, Professor of EU Politics

Sophie Pedder, Journalist, The Economist

Elisa Perrigueur, Journalist, illustrator

Romain Pilliard, Sailor, founder USE IT AGAIN!

Marc Roche, Journalist

Martin Evans, Professor of European History

Dominik Bari, Filmmaker

Caroline Bergvall, Writer, sound artist

Áinne Burke, Artist

Tim Jackson, Ecological economist

Cyril Dion, Filmmaker, environmental activist

Mary Fitzgerald, Founder, openDemocracy

Joanna Haigh, Co-director of the Grantham Institute

Mame-Fatou Niang, Professor of French Literature, Filmmaker

Anna Reading, Director, Arts and Humanities Research Institute

Chris Riddell, Illustrator, political cartoonist

Thomas Serrier, Professor of Contemporary German History

Romain Troublé, Director, Tara Expeditions Foundation

Tom Tugendhat, MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee

Alexander Vassilev, Deputy Head of European and Asian Chapters, European Horizons

Eric de Visscher, Visiting Professor V&A Research Institute

Theodore Zeldin, Writer, philosopher, historian

Pierre Schoeller, Filmmaker

Naomi Pratt, Divest Imperial

Jean-Pierre Jouyet, Ambassador of France


Hélène Neveu-Kringelbach, Senior Lecturer in African Studies

Agnès Poirier, Journalist

Miguel de Beistegui, Professor of Philosophy

Pilita Clark, Journalist

Daisy Kendrick, Founder, Ocean Generation

Antoine Giniaux, Journalist

Marie Le Conte, Journalist

Sharon Leclercq-Spooner, EU Public Affairs consultant

Olivette Otele, Professor of History

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