Holy ecology! Eco-confessions of a youth in good faith

Local: 6:30 pm
Paris: 6:30 pm
La Recyclerie 83 bd Ornano, Paris, FR

?? Un moment épicé, pour apprendre et s’engager vraiment.

How can we use our beliefs and spirituality as a lever to raise our ecological awareness? What do religious texts say? How can we appeal to our responsibility of conviction to treat nature with more respect? How can we reverse centuries of feeling that Man is superior to nature? What responsibility do religions have?

Three experts and practitioners will speak to provide, on the one hand, a critical look at religions and the influence of texts and, on the other hand, good practices to put our beliefs and spiritualities at the service of climate issues!

  • Tali Trèves-Fitoussi, President of the collective and Kol-Elles Magazine
  • Amine Hjiej, President of Coexister France