Crossed perspectives La Paz/Bogota: post-conflict and economic conversion in Cesar

Local: 4:00 pm
Paris: 10:00 pm
Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Sede La Paz Kilometro 9 Vía Valledupar 202010 La Paz Robles, Valledupar, CO

The National University of Colombia proposes an exchange between La Paz and Bogota on the reconstruction of the Cesar region after the Colombian armed conflict and the hegemony of extractivism.

-Debate "Living together: lessons from the local level for the global level". With Yerly Alvarado (Director of the Son de Paz association), Lucia Meneses (Professor at Sede La Paz), Oriana Rojas (student at Sede La Paz and feminist leader), Jaidy Astrid Diaz Barrios (Plastic artist and professor at Sede Bogota)

- Debate "North-Continental Caribbean Region: contributions of the academy to productive reconversion". With Diego Tirado Armesto, Luis Carlos Jimenez Reyes, Jaime Andrés Perez, Yusmidia Solano (Professors of the Sede La Paz) and Jaime Rodolfo Ramirez Rodriguez (Professor of Cinema of the Sede Bogota)

- Exhibitions: indigenous handicrafts, ECTR production, La Paz engineering laboratory student production

- Musical closing by the Cesar Philharmonic Orchestra