(Re)building together - What and how can we build together?

Local: 6:00 pm
Paris: 5:00 pm
Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre 468 Avenida Samora Machel, Maputo, MZ

6pm - 7.20pm
Panel 1 - Union and co-construction: beyond crises
This panel will explore different crises in Mozambique and analyse the remedies that have been implemented to respond to them. Taking the example of biodiversity protection, the terrorist threat or the response to Covid-19, the speakers will present initiatives and experiences that will help us understand the mechanisms at work in the reconstruction process and the key factors for strengthening the resilience of a system.

WITH: Fatima Mbimbire (TVM), Célia Macamo (UEM), Bartolomeu Soto (Peace Park Foundation), Tomas Vieria Mario (journalist), Mónica Frederico (UEM)

7.30 pm - 8.30 pm
Panel 2 - Challenge of / to young people for the co-construction of a more human world
If youth is the future of the country, it is appropriate to look at the place occupied by young people in the processes of reconstruction of Mozambican society. In this panel, we will see how Mozambican youth are organising themselves to participate in this process, how they can be a vector of innovation and what are the spaces of expression and the means of communication for the dissemination of their ideas. How can we reinvent the forms of commitment for more youth participation?

WITH: Aly Caetano (activist), Brenda Campos (Jovens Líderes), Matateu Ubisse (influencer), Whitney Sabino (activist)

MC / Moderator: Eva Trindade
Introduction and conclusion: Severino Ngoenha