Coimbra: (Re)building together: where, how?

Local: 17:19
Paris: 18:20
French / Portuguese

As an individual and collective test, the present health crisis, like any great catastrophe, obliges us, on pain of despair, to rethink the world with all the forces of reason and imagination. The world, that is to say, the social link and communication, the economy and culture, the family and the environment, Portugal and Europe. In these areas where we have built our lives, the pandemic, a silent and insidious war, leaves ruins that are all the more dangerous because they are often still invisible. Locating the devastation is therefore a first task, prior to the necessary reconstruction. The Alliance française de Coimbra wishes to dedicate the Night of Ideas 2022 to this task of locating and identifying the ruins, with the support of the French Embassy in Portugal, the Municipality of Coimbra and Coimbra's candidacy as European Capital of Culture 2027. The webinar, with the participation of national and foreign personalities, will take place on 26 January, from 5 to 7 pm (Portuguese time).


  • OPENING - 17h : José Manuel Silva - Mayor of Coimbra ; Florence Mangin - French Ambassador to Portugal ; Luis de Matos - Coordinator of the Coimbra European Capital of Culture Candidacy ; Cristina Robalo-Cordeiro - Professor of the Faculty of Letters
  • 17h20: Marc Quaghebeur, Historian, writer, literary critic
  • 17:30: Maria-Manuel Leitão Marques, Member of the European Parliament
  • 17h40: Lello Romano, President of the Federation of Alliances Françaises of Italy
  • 17:50: Clara Almeida Santos, Professor at the University of Coimbra
  • 18:00: Fabrice Lachize, President of the Luso-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 6.15pm - 7pm: Debate

Noite das Ideias | "(Re)building together" / "(Re)construir juntos"
Jan 26, 2022 05:00 PM Lisbon
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