(Re)building together in the Region of Murcia, in Spain and in the whole European continent

Local: 6:00 pm
Paris: 6:00 pm
UPCT - Schools of Architecture and Commerce - Antiguo CIM Antiguo CIM, Calle Real, 3, 30201 Cartagena, Murcia, ES

On the occasion of the 7th Night of Ideas and the French presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first quarter of 2022, the Alliance Française de Carthagène and the cultural department of the city council have chosen to organise an event on the issue of post-crisis political reconstruction in its cosmopolitanism. The event will take place mainly at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, which is also co-organising the project. The main objective is to reach out to different audiences, to make them question the political consequences of the crisis, the evolutions inherent to the society as a whole. In addition, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena is making its technological and scientific skills available to the public, young and old.

The event will be structured around three key moments: workshops geared towards a young audience from 6pm to 8pm on various themes, a cross-conference between two thinkers - one French, Sami Naïr, and the other Spanish, Francisco Jarauta - on the issue of European reconstruction from 8pm to 9.30pm and, finally, a concert by a local artist, Adaora, from 9.30pm.

The UPCT offers its scientific and technological knowledge to young people by providing three two-hour workshops for 10 to 15 participants each.

  • The first workshop, MUS, is based on a game of "sustainable urban mobility", aimed at teenagers aged 10 to 14. The aim is to reflect on the current configuration of the city and urban spaces. The aim is to reflect on the current configuration of the city and urban spaces. The participants will rethink the crisis and its consequences on our mobility within the city. They will have to consider the environmental consequences of this new urban mobility and its possible evolutions over time, always positioning themselves as urban actors in being and in becoming.
  • The second workshop proposed by the UPCT is experimental and intended for a wider audience. This workshop of three-dimensional experiments will be carried out on tablets, using glasses allowing 3D vision. The Faculty of Optics of the University of Alicante (Spain) has developed an application containing numerous visuals which will be the basis of the workshop and will give rise to a global experimentation around 3D vision.
  • The third workshop offered by the UPCT is also experimental and touches all three dimensions. It is intended for a wide audience, aged over ten. It will offer them a presentation and experimentation around a 3D printer. Using recycled materials, participants will become aware of the importance of new technologies and their usefulness in the ongoing search for a more sustainable world. They will have to use their imagination and creativity to make objects whose function and utility respect our planet.
  • Finally, the cultural service of the Cartagena City Council is providing a philosophy teacher to lead a workshop on the reconstruction of myths and legends: this workshop, aimed at teenagers aged 12 to 14, will lead them to reflect on the foundations of our society and culture. The most famous myths of our civilisation, such as the story of the Minotaur or the myth of Arachne, will be the basis of the reflection carried out with the participants, allowing them to rethink and improve the meaning of our common existence within society.

From 8 pm, in the same UPCT building, all theparticipants will gather to listen to the conversation between Francisco Jarauta, Spanish University Professor of Philosophy from the University of Murcia and Sami Naïr, French University Professor of Political Science. Francisco Jarauta has worked throughout his career on issues related to the philosophy of culture, the history of ideas, aesthetics and artistic theories. Sami Naïr, for his part, has written numerous books in French and Spanish, the latest of which, published in 2019, is entitled "Acompañando a Simone de Beauvoir. Mujeres, hombres, igualdad'. The conversation they will undertake, "Cosmopolitans, unite!", will lead them to review the functioning of our current society and the consequences of the crisis on it. They will question the complexity of our world and the profound processes of transformation that are redefining all economic, political, social and cultural structures, leading to new forms of dependency that can be observed on a global scale. A "just world order", made up of the complex networks of the environmental and international human rights movements, seems a logical evolution of our European society. Sami Naïr and Francisco Jarauta will finally address the theme of the construction of a new active cosmopolitanism.

The Night of Ideas will conclude with an artistic encounter with Adaora, a musician from the Region of Murcia. This young Spanish-Nigerian artist has created an EP entitled Muda, which for her represents both the layers of skin of animals during their moult, but also the action of physical displacement necessary when moving, referring to the one she experienced during the crisis. Muda also refers to the lack of listening between citizens, which leads to the crisis and prevents the disaster from happening. Adaora uses the image of the silkworm because it is the only animal that her parents allowed her to raise. All the songs on her EP are based on the phases of the silkworm cycle. The presentation of her work and her art will be both musical and audiovisual. She will guide the audience on a very personal path of spiritual thoughts and reflections.