Evening at La Coursive

Local: 6:30 pm
Paris: 6:30 pm
La Coursive - Scène Nationale La Rochelle 4 Rue St Jean du Pérot, La Rochelle, FR

The organisers of this new Night of Ideas 2022 in La Rochelle are proposing a programme of six conference-debates inspired by the main theme and its variations, to be discovered below.

They are partnering in an event that will take place in more than 100 countries and 200 cities around the world.


  • Meeting with the teacher-researchers of the University of La Rochelle / first part 6.30 pm - 7.15 pm Whistleblowing fiction In recent years, anticipation fiction, particularly in the youth field, has seen a wave of post-apocalyptic worlds. But far from representing only the end of the world as we have known it until now, these possible horizons propose a social, economic, technological and political overhaul. It is the power of this imaginary world, ultimately less dystopian than utopian, that will be presented here, highlighting in particular its eco-feminist dimension. Nathalie Dufayet and Annabel AudureauThe following is a summary of the research carried out by the CRHIA (Centre de Recherches en Histoire Internationale et Atlantique) in the field of comparative literature at the University of La Rochelle

    Digital resilience

    In recent months, we have collectively invented a new, fundamentally useful concept that is likely to persist in the post-Covid 19 world: 'digital resilience'. Digital technology has saved part of the economy, education. It has allowed social ties to be maintained. But this should not hide the fact that this digital changeover has taken place in an emergency and with little preparation. From now on, we must revisit our digital priorities together. Organisations must include in their projects and programmes a genuine digital resilience strategy, based on simple but enlightening solutions for the citizen.

    By Vincent Courboulay, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Scientific Director of the Institut du Numérique Responsable


  • Break // 7.15pm - 7.30pm


  • Conference and debate with Alain Guyard proposed by La Coursive DOES ART HAVE THE FUNCTION OF REPAIRING SOCIETY? 7.30 pm - 9 pmIf the Church and the Old Regime in the 18the century, the Party and modernity in the 19th century took charge of the restoration of society when it was torn apart or in crisis.e and in the XXe centuries, the 21st century has been busy regenerating it.e is in trouble with its reconstruction. For after religion and revolution, it is now 'management' that dominates the world. There is no longer any collective, mystical or secular project, but simply the budgeted administration of things and individuals. But then, what to do with the social divide? When the state resigns, it transforms Art into a Saviour, and delegates to the artist the mysterious power to seal all social and individual breaches. This may flatter the ego of creators, it may maintain the fable of the genie descending from the heavens to enlighten the world, but it certainly avoids taking on a policy that demolishes the field of care and the social. Who pays the price for this mythology? Who sets it up? And above all, how can we deconstruct this discourse on social reconstruction through art? This is what we will work on together.

    Alain Guyard

    Philosopher and writer, Alain Guyard has been working for nearly twenty years with invisible and vulnerable populations, whether they be prisoners, patients or agents of the social or medico-social sector, the hospital world or that of psychiatry. He has come away from this experience with a double observation: on the one hand, that of the dereliction of the social link by fifty years of liberal politics; on the other hand, that of the incessant solicitation of speech, even of artistic and philosophical expertise, provided that it becomes the servant of this dereliction.

    Prior to this Night of Ideas, Alain Guyard will be hosted by La Coursive in a philosophical residence. In this context, he will meet and debate with a group of students from the University of La Rochelle from the Master's degree in environmental sciences, a group of carers and patients from the Richelieu Centre - French Red Cross in La Rochelle, and a group of residents from the Horizon Habitat Jeunes housing network in La Rochelle.


  • Break // 21:00-21:15


  • Conference and debate with Fares Chalabi proposed by the Centre Intermondes CULTURAL DIFFERENCE AND GLOBALISATION 9.15pm - 10pm Considering a single world, united by the globalised capitalism that has imposed itself, the Lebanese philosopher Fares Chalabi will analyse the two forces at work in this globalised capitalism. Decodification on the one hand (destruction of traditions, know-how, nature...). And the power of liberation on the other hand (liberation of productive forces, morals, art forms...). He will question our capacity to transmute these issues from the Lebanese example. This debate will be moderated by Laurent Vidal, President of the Centre Intermondes, as part of the work of the Ethnopôle Humanités océanes in La Rochelle.Fares Chalabi was born in Beirut in 1977. He holds a doctorate in philosophy (University of Paris 8) and a degree in architecture from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA). Today, he teaches philosophy and post-war art history at the American University of Beirut (AUB). He teaches art theory at ALBA. He is also a lecturer in the Art Criticism and Curatorial program at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) where he teaches aesthetics. His philosophical research is inspired by the work of Gilles Deleuze and Michel Foucault and focuses on comparative ontology, image theory and the politics of resistance.


  •  Break // 10pm - 10.15pm


  • Meeting with the teacher-researchers of the University of La Rochelle / second part 22:15 - 23:00 Democracy: the elusive definitionDemocracy is now universally desirable. It no longer has any declared enemies. Yet the concept remains extremely elusive. Democracy is therefore everywhere, but its definition is nowhere to be found. What if we attempted a synthesis?By Stéphane Manson, Professor of Public Law at La Rochelle University

    The company of the future protected from the short term and from shareholder logic alone

    Many French companies have been victims of takeovers or mergers carried out with a view to maximising shareholder value in the short term, to the detriment of economic value creation. The weaknesses of French corporate governance models are well known, in particular the absence of long-term shareholders providing stability. In this context, we propose a reflection on governance mechanisms, which aim to protect French companies from these phenomena through the presentation of two different cases: the company with a mission (the case of Danone) and the transfer of the company's shares to a foundation (the case of Léa Nature).

    By Mathieu Paquerot, lecturer in management sciences, co-director of the IAE La Rochelle and Guillaume Delalieux, professor in management sciences, director of the CEREGE La Rochelle

    And all evening in the hall of the Théâtre Verdière

    with students from La Rochelle from the "Uni-Vert-LR" association

    The Uni'vert LR Association brings together students from La Rochelle who are concerned about the preservation of the environment. Throughout the university year, they promote sustainable development on campus. As part of the Night of Ideas 2022, they are offering four fun workshops to raise awareness of ecology.

    "Building is not building castles in the air. Building is an activity that involves the hand. Philosophers have emphasised the necessity of manual labour for intellectual thought. In his book In Praise of the Carburetor, the philosopher Matthew Crawford goes further and proposes to find the meaning of work by going to see and learn from those who make or repair objects. With students from the Master's in Environmental Management, our proposal consists of a series of workshops that will allow you to put your hands, not in the mud, but in the earth.


    Workshops available from 6pm in the hall of the Théâtre Verdière at La Coursive and throughout the evening

    - Workshop " seed bombs

    Making "bombs" with one's hands that will allow to flower any accessible ground within reach. Led by Anaëlle

    - Workshop onhe "companion plants" workshop

    This game, created by the local association "Graines de troc", is a fun way to find out what to plant next to your radishes or carrots and, above all, to discover the relationships between plants. Hosted by Auriane

    - Wooden puzzle workshop

    With the wood recovered from the garbage of the nautical industry, it is possible to make a thousand things and in particular breakers. The workshop will allow you to build, deconstruct, and rebuild simple assemblies and to put your hand to work to round off the angles. Animated by Hugo and Eve

    - Climate Mural" workshop

    It is a quiz based on a collaborative and creative card game, based on the IPCC report, to better understand climate change in a scientific and fun way, under the aegis of the masters of ceremony: Margot, Vincent and Vincent


All conferences and debates are free of charge (subject to availability)
Workshops led by the Association Uni'vert LR in the hall of the Théâtre Verdière, all evening, free access
Food and drink will be served during the evening at the Avant-Scène
The public will be asked to wear a sanitary pass and a mask

Detailed information on the organisation of this 7th Night of Ideas in La Rochelle on the following websites: la-coursive.com / centreintermondes.com / univ-larochelle.fr

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