(Re)building together through writing and philosophy

Local: 7:00 pm
Paris: 11:00 pm
Museo MAR Av. Félix U. Camet and López de Gomara, Mar del Plata, AR
Spanish / French

In the city of Mar del Plata, the sixth edition of La Noche de las Ideas will take place at the Museo Mar (Av. Félix U. Camet and López de Gomara) on Friday 28 January from 7pm to 9:30pm. The programme is organised by the Alliance française de Mar del Plata, the French Institute of Argentina - French Embassy, the Medifé Foundation and the Museo Mar.

On Friday 28 January at 19:30 in the hall of the Museo Mar, Silvia Hopenhayn's performance entitled 'Repairing through friendship' and at 21:00 on the Museo MAR esplanade, the philosopher Darío Sztajnszrajber and the writer Soledad Barruti will give an open conference on 'The common, a deconstruction'.