"Close: Poetry, solidarity and contagion"

Local: 4:30 pm
Paris: 3:30 pm
French Institute of Cyprus 59, Strovolos Avenue, STROVOLOS, CY
French / Greek

This event, which comes in the wake of the health crisis by posing the question of our individual and collective relationships to space, and which invites us to think about the new solidarities that the economic and social crisis calls for, will present in the form of a performance the "live" realisation by Anthi Pafiou and Mathieu Devavry (InnerSpace collective) of a mural representing the portrait of Albert Camus. This pictorial performance will be accompanied by a reading of excerpts from The Plague, The Revolted Man, Jonah or the Artist at Work and The Greek Child. The Greek poems of Daphne Nikita (French translation by Christos Dubart) are the subject of a video creation by visual artist Yiorgos Taxiarchopoulos and those of Fortino Samano (French translation by Marine Meunier) are the subject of a video creation by Spyros Christofi and Mathieu Devavry.

The French Institute of Cyprus has chosen to highlight the thought of Albert Camus, who better than any other has combined the themes of absurdity and solitude, revolt and solidarity in all his work. To the Cartesian "I think therefore I am" he opposes a "we revolt therefore we are". Many have read or reread The Plague during the various confinements which have affected the psychology of individuals as much as Covid-19 has affected their health. The Plague shows all the ambiguity of a plague which, although real, distils an evil that is far more insidious than it reaches the souls of men.
That is why, in these times of pandemic which drive people apart through fear, mistrust or distrust, but which also bring them together in resistance, struggle and solidarity, Cypriot and French artists wish to pay tribute to Albert Camus on the occasion of the Night of Ideas, with an event entitled: "Proches: poetry, solidarity and contagion", the contagion being also and above all that of resistance and fraternity.

With the support of the Cultural Foundation of the Hellenic Bank.