Presentation MATETEMA-TEMAMATE 2021 "À U CELENTE" (under the stars)

Local: 5:00 pm
Paris: 5:00 pm
Clos de Montmartre 14 RUE DES SAULES 75018, PARIS, FR
French / YO SILBO

Following the example of the 2012-14 Latin American sessions, the next residencies will lead the transformed collectives to musical compositions and writing sessions. The texts co-written in Corsican, Italian, Occitan, Castilian, Argentinean, Lunfardo, Portuguese and/or Brazilian, Portuñol, Catalan, Gaelic, Brittonic, Basque, French & English... will be set to music for the audiovisual recording of the concept albums and clips in the open air via the workshops assembled daily in situ.
Within a social and solidarity framework, the artistic bravado will end with public performances in the form of acoustic concerts "À U CELENTE" (under the stars) given at the end of these international MATETEMA-TEMAMATE meetings.
The inspiration of the participants will be driven by the main theme of these international meetings: the creativity generated by cultural mixing and conceptualised, for these sessions planned from 2021, in the open air as close as possible to the natural elements and acoustic sound.
As it happened in the conventillos of Buenos Aires during its demographic explosion at the end of the 19th century, where the famous tango was born in the milongas, the alchemy of words and sounds emanating from the cultural baggage and state of mind of each one will self-propel the collectives towards the harmonious poetic fiction necessary to reach the bucolic creative evolutionary objective of the second part of the MATETEMA-TEMAMATE project.