Noche de las Ideas en Argentina - Estar cerca, estar juntos

Local: 7:00 pm
Paris: 11:00 pm
La Usina Social Jujuy 2844, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, Rosario, AR
Spanish / French

This fifth edition will be organized in a context marked by the Covid 19 pandemic and its consequences. In particular, this year we cannot receive French-speaking guests in Argentina. We will therefore continue a certain tradition but in a reinvented way: for the first time, the event will be deployed on a dedicated website. This site will transmit content produced in Buenos Aires and in different provinces, and even beyond, since we are also taking part in the Andean Night of Ideas, organized by the French Embassy in Ecuador in collaboration with the French Embassies in Colombia and Venezuela. Likewise, we will create a bridge with the Night of Ideas produced in the cultural network of France in the United States, through the intervention of a performer, and we will participate in the 24hs live organized by the French Institute.

As every year, our leitmotiv will be to offer a diversified program that associates prestigious intellectuals and artists as well as young Argentinean and French talents. For this edition, twenty different spaces (museums, cultural centres, universities, but also open-air places in the city of Buenos Aires and in the provinces) are actively collaborating and we have twenty confirmed French personalities.

During four nights, conferences, round tables, shows and concerts will be offered to the public on our dedicated website.

The emblematic cities of the event, Ostend and Mar del Plata, will be present but activities will also be offered in Rosario, Mendoza and Cordoba.

The project will run over 4 days from 28/01/2021 to 31/01/2021 on the dedicated website from 19h to 23h. As for the face-to-face activities, they will take place at various times.

The interveners are as follows:

  • Paz NÚÑEZ REGUEIRO, museologist and historian
  • Diego GOLOMBEK, biologist
  • Michel LUSSAULT, geographer
  • Angéla LUGRIN, novelist
  • Luciana DE MELLO, novelist
  • Sarah AL MATARY, professor of literature
  • Quentin FAUCOMPRÉ, draftsman
  • Miguel REP, draftsman
  • Roxana SALPETER, Director of the "Viejo Hostel Ostend
  • Belén PASQUALINI, actress
  • Delia CANCELA, contemporary artist (Nosotras Cautivas)
  • Celeste LEEUWENBURG, contemporary artist (Nosotras Cautivas)
  • Julia NOWODWORSKI, contemporary artist (Nosotras Cautivas)
  • Paola CORTÉS ROCCA, art teacher
  • Cora GAMARNIK, sociologist
  • Esteban FEUNE DE COLOMBI, artist
  • Alejandro BROWN, Biologist
  • Erica PULIDO, architect
  • Bárbara GASPARRI, specialist in environmental management
  • Sebastián CIVALLERO, Engineer
  • Vincent MACAIGNE, actor
  • Daniela HOROVITZ, musician and actress
  • Jean-Christophe HAMILTON, astronomer
  • Elsa BOYER, writer
  • Eric VALETTE, visual artist
  • Anne LAFORÊT, digital arts researcher (Collectif Roberte La Rousse)
  • Cécile BABIOLE, visual artist (Collectif Roberte La Rousse)
  • Diana WESCHLER, art historian
  • Alexandre ROIG, sociologist
  • Serge TISSERON, psychiatrist
  • Vale CINI, musician
  • Pablo LA PADULA, biologist and visual artist
  • Rodolphe HOGUIN, archaeologist
  • Paula BRUNO, historian
  • Florencia TOLA, anthropologist (Noche de Las Ideas Andina)
  • Anne-Gaël BILHAUT, anthropologist (Noche de Las Ideas Andina)
  • Fernanda MUGICA, Professor of Literature
  • Marilu MARINI, actress
  • Silvia HOPENHAYN, writer
  • Alvaro SIERRA, director/journalist for France 24
  • Ezequiel FERNÁNDEZ MOORES, sports journalist
  • Alejandro KATZ, Editor in Chief
  • Alejandra KORSTANJE, Archaeologist
  • Daniela HOROVITZ, musician and actress
  • Pablo ORTEMBERG, historian
  • Gabriel Di MEGLIO, historian
  • Mariana LARISON, philosopher
  • Diego ESCOLAR, anthropologist
  • KILLOFFER, draftsman
  • Fabiana BUGLIANI, archaeologist (Noche de Las Ideas Andina)
  • Misha VALLEJO, artist and audiovisual narrator (Noche de Las Ideas Andina)
  • Lucía DURÁN, Director of the Pre-Columbian Art Museum Casa del Alabado (Noche de Las Ideas Andina)
  • Fanny ROSE, musician
  • Pablo MAURETTE, essayist
  • Tania DE MONTAIGNE, actress (reading in a podcast a chapter of "World History of France")
  • Vincent VANOLI, draftsman
  • Mathilde LARRÈRE, historian
  • Juan Carlos FERNICOLA, Paleontologist
  • Quentin GAREL, plastic artist
  • François PUJOS, paleontologist
  • Analia FORASIEPI, paleontologist
  • Olivier FERTEL, draftsman
  • Claudia ROMERO, education specialist
  • Olivier MINOT, host (ARTE RADIO)
  • Silvia HOPENHAYN, writer
  • Fernando ANDRADE, agricultural engineer
  • Luis AGUIRREZABAL, Agricultural Engineer
  • Lucas MARTIN, political scientist
  • Karen GARROTE, poet
  • Moira CRISTIA, historian (Red Memoria Abierta)