Read, you're being filmed

Local: 8:00 pm
Paris: 7:00 pm
French Institute of Israel (video)
French / Hebrew - Arabic

Lire, vous êtes filmés is a film produced by the French Institute of Israel in the form of filmed readings in Arabic, Hebrew or French. Open to all residents of Israel, the participants chose a literary text (excerpt from a novel or poetry) around the theme "Close" and chose to film themselves indoors or outdoors. They will listen to the diversity of languages singing together the strength of words and voice. The whole film will be offered in 3 versions, in Hebrew, Arabic and French thanks to the intervention of literary translators, chosen for their talent. A few musicians from Oud and jazz brought this magic touch as only music can bring us. In total, the spectator will discover eleven readings selected for their artistic and technical quality.

The film Read, you are filmed will be broadcast on Youtube in all three versions.