The world's southernmost Night of Ideas

Local: 17h00
Paris: 21h00
Pôle Créatif Sud Gdor. Paz 836, Ushuaia, AR
Spanish / French

The programme is divided into three thematic areas: indigenous peoples, tides and ocean and Antarctic heritage.

-Presentation of the book La Jaula de los ONAS (Alfaguara 2021) by its author Carlos Gamerro
28 January at 8pm at the Pôle Créatif Sud (Gdor. Paz 836) - This book, which is based on the story of the eleven Selk'nam who were kidnapped in Tierra del Fuego, taken to Paris and exhibited at the Universal Exhibition of 1889, is an opportunity to look back at the conceptual divide between civilisation and barbarism that has marked Argentine history and culture.

-Selk'nam Onas Women's Intergenerational Dialogue: an intergenerational dialogue of Selk'nam Onas women around the figure of Anne Chapman facilitated by archaeologist Vanesa Parmigiani. The discussion aims to bring together the voices of the women of the Selk'nam Ona community who have known Anne Chapman since their childhood. Her memory is part of the lives of these women, linking anecdotes and family memories). 28 January at 18:00 at the Antigua Casa Beban (Av. Maipú 1800-1898), Paseo de las Rosas. Activity in collaboration with the municipality of Ushuaia. Anne Chapman was a Franco-American anthropologist-ethnographer who first set foot on the Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego in 1964, thus initiating fruitful fieldwork and a strong friendship with the members of the community, whom she frequented for more than forty years. This meeting is organised around two events: on the one hand, fragments of the film shot by Anne Chapman, Anna Montes and Jorge Prelorán: "L'Onas: life and death in Tierra del Fuego" in 1985. This documentary won the Grand Prize at the First National Anthropological and Social Film Festival. On the other hand, the images of the exhibition "Women of another time" inaugurated in November 2021. The French Institute of Argentina - Embassy of France, the Alliance française de Terre de Feu and the company TotalEnergies have produced this exhibition "Anne Chapman, Woman of Other Times" in collaboration with the Municipality of Ushuaia, the UNTDF, the CADIC-CONICET, the National Museum of Natural History, the indigenous community Rafaela Ishton of the Selk'- nation, the indigenous community Yagan Paiakoala and the Ushuaia XXI Foundation.
It is an open-air exhibition that is currently on display in the Paseo de las Rosas area of the city of Ushuaia.

-Performance Mareas (Tides) by Malala Lekander and Sarah Ritter and cello concert by Violeta García on 27 January at 7.30pm at the Pôle Créatif Sud (Gdor. Paz 836).
Malala Lekander will share her work process over the past eight years in an artistic territory, Isla Grande in Tierra del Fuego, through a performance lecture. Cellist Violeta García will accompany her musically.
Malala has dedicated part of her work to researching the phenomenon of tides with Spanish physicist Alberto Rojo, and to writing countless graphic scores of the world's seas. In 2017, she began studying the cello to experimentally approach these graphs. In 2020, she developed a tide reading system for cello. That same year, based on the performance of the scores of a complete lunar cycle and its performance in concert for a small group of people, she recorded, with cellist Violeta García, the first piece written to be performed according to this system.
She will be in dialogue with the French photographer Sarah Ritter about her project "L'Ombre de la Terre" (The Shadow of the Earth), which emerged from the exploration of optical research at the CNRS. The territory began to appear in her work through photographs of ambiguous, inverted landscapes (high Alps), spaces themselves alienated/staged by the photographic shot - like laboratories that stage the world. The images dialogue in an enigmatic way. Water and light behave in the same way - so much so that one speaks of "flagrant waves" in the optical fibres, as in the ocean. There is a link between oceanographic research and optical research. The depths of the ocean respond to the mountains that have emerged from the ocean floor. "Because scientific research cannot be thought of, either in optics or in geology/oceanology, independently of industrial activity. The history of extraction and its present are intertwined with those of the sciences," Sarah Ritter emphasises.

-Performance "The Promise of the Sea" by Pauline Fondevila
This performance will take place on January 27 and 28 at 16:30 at the AFASyN Yacht Club (Pedro, Luis Pedro Fique 305). It is an action-performance with optimistic type boats. The Promise of the Sea is an action originally conceived for the public space of the city of Le Havre (France) in the framework of its contemporary art biennial. It was first realised in the geographical and social context of France in 2010. Since then, the action has been performed many times in France (Metz, Lens, Armentières...) and in other countries, Argentina, Belgium, Italy, Norway, where each time it has given rise to different versions, which are never literal translations, but rather "beautiful infidels" as they used to say in the 19th century, in the language of the landscape that receives it. "Since 2010, I have been writing sentences, in many languages, about optimist sails, these sailboats run exclusively by girls and boys. Then I take them to the water (a lake, a sea, a river) and watch them sail away from the shore. The girls, boys and I pretend that this is a serious adventure, and that there is no turning back. That they will go far, very far, and that they will find a place, other worlds where they live better, where they sing with the birds, where they swim with the fish, where nothing prevents us from being who we want to be" For The Night of Ideas in Ushuaia, Pauline Fondevila thought of The Promise of the Sea from the imaginary impact of a city located literally at the end of the world, and with all that this can mean today. If reconstruction is possible, it will surely be thanks to that precious mixture of commitment and enthusiasm, of seriousness and ingenuity that childhood represents.

On 27 January at 5pm, the official opening of the Night of Ideas 2022 will take place at the Creative South Pole (Gdor. Paz 836) in the presence of the French Ambassador to Argentina, Mrs Claudia Scherer-Effosse, the authorities of the Province of Tierra del Fuego and Daniela Gutierrez, General Director of Fundación Medifé
-Pablo Fontana lecture live from Antarctica: After the official opening, the historian Pablo Fontana will speak about Antarctic heritage via streaming from the Marambio base.
-Conference by Agnès Voltz on the Antarctic expeditions: the exhibition curator Agnès Voltz will tell us about Jean-Baptiste Charcot's incredible expeditions to Antarctica on 27 January at 6.30 pm at the South Creative Pole (Gdor. Paz 836).
The first French expeditions, at the beginning of the 20th century, consisted of exploring unknown coasts, making maps, studying the environment and surveying. In this sense, Jean-Baptiste Charcot is considered a pioneer of French polar expeditions and climate change studies. From 1903 to 1905, on board the Français, and from 1908 to 1910, with the Pourquoi-Pas? he embarked on his first two expeditions to Antarctica from the port of Le Havre. On both occasions, the ships called at Buenos Aires and Ushuaïa.
-Opening of the exhibition "French Expeditions to Antarctica, history and current status of Franco-Argentine cooperation" on 27 January at 8.30 pm at the Old Government House (Maipú 465).