Idea Night 2021: One night, one week, ideas, four cities...

Local: 5:00 pm
Paris: 5:00 pm
Institut Français du Cameroun, Douala site 61bis, Bd de la Liberté, Douala, CM

The Night of Ideas is taking on a new twist for this year 2021: it is becoming a real "week of ideas", from 28 January to 3 February, dedicated to the free circulation of knowledge, which will take place in four cities in Cameroon: Bandjoun, Douala, Yaoundé and Garoua.
In Douala, each day will have its own space!
The French Institute of Cameroon opens the ball of this week on 28 January, with the following programme: screening of "Letters from the continent", conference on the notion of friendship in the digital age, concert-event by the artist Majnun.
The Somewhere, a former slaughterhouse converted into a cultural space, invites you to discover traditional Sawa wrestling along the water. Reggae concerts, make-up artists, anamorphosis specialists and cultural promoters will be on hand on Friday 29 January.
In partnership with the MAM Foundation, the Fabrique de Souza brings together residents and students for a day combining environmental themes and decoloniality, following on from the Pensée de Dakar workshops on Saturday 30 January.
On Sunday 31 January, The Forest offers an evening "by the fire", where the public is invited to conversations, screenings, performances, an exhibition on new solidarities and musical interludes.
On Monday 1 February, the Carré des Artistes will open the doors of its exhibition "Urbana Facta" and organise a conference on 20th century architecture.
On Tuesday 2 February, the Espace Bolo will take over with a performance, conference and discussion, slam poetry.
The IFC closes the week in style with a café philo in its media library, a show for the youngest and a screening.