Local: 6:30 pm
Paris: 6:30 pm
Espace Mendès France, Centre de culture scientifique, technique et industrielle 1 place de la cathédrale, Poitiers, FR

The Espace Mendès France joins forces with the Night of Ideas to make it a high point that creates friction and porosities between the arts, sciences, culture and society in all their diversity. Given the health context, the 2021 edition will be hybrid and will offer digital broadcasting of the contents, thanks to a radio programme that will allow the theme "Closer" to be explored in a sensitive and poetic way.

The event will start at 6:30pm and will be divided into several thematic chapters. Each chapter will host several guests who will discuss the themes and the different topics presented via podcasts.


Meeting with Régis Debray, writer and philosopher, Laure Adler, writer and journalist, Georges Vigarello, historian, and Alfredo Pena Vega, sociologist.


Guests: Julien Bertrand, sociologist, and Vincent Carrier, professor of physics and chemistry.

  • Civray-Taiwan: a project between a high school in Vienna and a high school in Taiwan in which students explore emotions in an intercultural and collective approach.
  • The Global Youth Climate Pact: Youth engagement in the fight against global warming.
  • "Écouter le monde", Rodolphe Alexis' fields recording project: Sound artist and "audio-naturalist", Rodolphe Alexis captures the sounds of nature in its wildest intimacy.
  • "Le détail du monde", meeting with Romain Bertrand: historian, Romain Bertrand evokes our lost capacity to describe the world around us, to qualify it and even to observe it, our links with nature having gradually weakened.
  • Will Guthrie and the Nist-Nah Ensemble, a new approach to the Gamelan, a traditional Indonesian instrument: Will Guthrie is an Australian drummer virtuoso of the experimental jazz scene who, after several trips to Indonesia, has become interested in the Gamelan, a traditional instrument of Indonesian music. With the 7 musicians of the Nist-Nah ensemble, they collectively revisit this instrument by mixing the essence of the sacred with the exaltation of improvised music.
  • Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, a radio show by Emilie Le Borgne, Cie Théâtre dans la Forêt: Emilie Le Borgne presents the work of her company, which constantly reinvents the relationship between theatre and the public. Focus on her latest project, "Chroniques martiennes", whose broadcast was stopped by the pandemic.


Guests: platform in partnership with the MIGRINTER laboratory in Poitiers, with Olivier Clochard, geographer, CNRS researcher and co-director of the laboratory, Louis Fernier, research engineer, and Jordan Pinel, PhD student.

  • Historical approach to a local migration phenomenon: Spanish migrant camps in Poitou-Charentes.
  • the positive impact of the presence of young migrants on the Pictavian territory: a review of the study underway at the Maison des Trois Quartiers neighbourhood centre.
  • Migrants' words: the collection of migrants' testimonies in the Néa Kevala camp north of the Strike, evoking their tastes, their aspirations, their desires, allows us to go beyond a vision of people conditioned by their status as migrants and to rediscover the humanity that binds us together.
  • Privileged migration: the case of retired people between France and the Maghreb.


Guests: Alexandra Laine-Riguet, journalist and documentary filmmaker, and Jean-François Faure, photographer.

  • Student life in times of confinement: "Students' stories" is an artistic project developed by the CROUS of Poitiers and La Rochelle from March 2020 to collect testimonies from students confined to their university rooms and to keep a trace of this very special moment.
  • Participatory artistic experiences: meeting with Benoît Mousserion from the Cie l'Homme debout: The giant puppet company offers a new challenge to the Poitevins: to create a contributory choreographic clip that brings together the puppet Lily and the inhabitants of the territory in a common dance.
  • Disability in times of confinement: meeting with the department of the Henri Laborit day hospital in Sèvres-Anxaumont, which takes in dysphasic children aged 4 to 10 who already have communication difficulties before confinement.
  • Containment Chronicles: radio dramas made by the students of the radio project of the Lycée Pilote Innovant de Jaunay Marigny.