Impact of Covid-19 on research in Central Asia

Local: 3:00 pm
Paris: 10:00 am
IFEAC (online at Zoom), Bishkek, KG

IFEAC is organizing a debate to question the effects of Covid-19 on research activities in Central Asia. During the online discussion researchers will be oriented towards the relational side during the health crisis:

  • Has the pandemic made you want to interact more with your colleagues (among researchers), to interact more?
  • How did the crisis affect your research? For example, you can explain how you worked on your research projects during this period?
  • Can you share your experience of the debate on the online health crisis?

The speakers:

  • Laura Turarbekova, philosopher, KazNU Al-Farabi ;
  • Iliias Mamadiiarov, doctoral student at INALCO specialized in microfinance in Kyrgyzstan ;
  • Bruno De Cordier, political scientist, University of Ghent ;
  • Zhanna Karimova, sociologist, Institute of Strategic Studies of Kazakhstan.