"Humour and social sciences" with Eric Chauvier, writer - Nuit des idées - Wuhan

Local: 7:00 pm
Paris: 12:00 pm
Online - Webinar, Wuhan, CN
French / Chinese

"What can humour do in today's world? Humour and social sciences: an impossible marriage? Meeting with Eric Chauvier, writer, anthropologist, professor

Neglected in the social sciences, yet 'sublime and liberating' (according to Freud) and adulated in literature (from Vian to Oulipo, from Queneau to Le Tellier), can humour, this 'French passion', between surrealism, absurdity and irony, help us to think about the world, to de-mine reality, to shift our relationship to it? At a time when ideas are burning and setting minds on fire, what can humour do in today's world? How can we modify our relationship with others through derision and self-mockery? Answers are provided by the literary approach of a French anthropologist and writer, Eric Chauvier, who participates in the renewal of his discipline by broadening the territories it has taken on and the ways in which it is written. At the frontier of fiction, he defines instruments of analysis based on anomalies, ruptures and disruptions in language, flaws in the ordinary, breaches in the serious, always charged with meaning.