In 2021, what does it mean to be close to family and work?

Local: 5:00 pm
Paris: 4:00 pm
Institut français du Burundi Institut français du Burundi, Bujumbura, BI

On the occasion of the Night of Ideas, the French Institute of Burundi is planning an evening of reflection around the theme "Close".

The artist-plastician Aimé Quintin Muhiziwintore will present his exhibition "Relationships" from 5 to 6 pm.

Then, in the auditorium, from 6 to 8 p.m., a debate will take place. Moderated by Dr. Franck Nziza, and co-hosted by two bloggers from the YAGA collective and two slammers from the JEWE Slam collective, this debate will aim to open up new avenues of reflection around the question "In 2021, what does it mean to be close to each other in family and at work". The evolution of social relations in the era of new technologies but also in the time of Covid19 will be addressed. Speakers are invited to the debate to express their points of view:

- Lambert HAKUZIRYAREMYE - sociologist, will talk about the sociological evolution of relationships over time: the impact of technologies and the Covid19 ;

- Daly NGARAMBE - will bring his point of view and his feelings on the evolution of love relationships in the era of new technologies and the Covid19 ;

- Aloys MASHANYA - humanitarian, will talk about the impact of telework and health measures on her professional and personal life.

- Kayaga GIOIA - JOY Slam, a Belgian artist of Burundian origin, will share his experience as an artist confined in Belgium.


From 8pm to 9pm, a time of conclusion and restitution with slam performances (JOY Slam, Kerry Gladys, Linaupus the Limeur) and reading of texts (Audry-Carmel, Bella Lucia) is planned.