Voices from here and abroad...

Local: 2:00 pm
Paris: 8:00 pm
Association des autrices et auteurs de l'Estrie 5-560, Jacques Cartier North, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1J 3A4, Sherbrooke, CA
French / Czech

This evening of public reading brings together people from three cities - Sherbrooke/Prague/Paris - who have agreed to take up the writing challenge based on a photo taken by Olive Dussault-Mottet.
The event is organised by Danielle Dussault, a Quebec author who was in residence last year in Prague, in collaboration with Joël Bécam, author and animator for Paris-Les Lilas/association "Un lieu pour respirer" and the House of Literature in Prague.
The idea is to share our visions through a text inspired by this photo and the theme proposed by the Night of Ideas: "Proche/s".
The reading will take place on January 28th at 2pm for Quebecers and at 8pm for Europeans.
Please contact Danielle Dussault by email before Wednesday 27 January at midnight if you wish to participate.