Bogota: memory, connection/disconnection

Local: 5:00 pm
Paris: 11:00 pm
Alianza Francesa Sede Chico , Bogota, CO

1) Paper and memory workshop
Throughout history, various gadgets have been used as capsules to preserve memory, whether it be leaves in books, a lock of a loved one's hair in a locket, photographs inside watches, etc. In the context of this night of ideas, we would like to think of memory as something that, in addition to living in our minds, takes on a life of its own, that begins to grow as we procure it, like seeds, which once sown are cared for, watered, observed... procured, remembering every day and nurturing that memory, so that it grows, so that it transforms and gives birth to other acts, other struggles, other memories.

2) Let us begin to know each other again.
With the objective and theme of the 7th edition of the Night of Ideas, we propose to address the challenge of rebuilding society (given the complexity of pandemics, natural events and social actions that have led to various decadent states of humanity), starting from emotional disconnection in a 100% connected world.


  • Diego Antonio Pineda Rivera (PhD in Philosophy and Education, Universidad Javeriana).
  • Leonardo Ordoñez (Doctor of Literature, Universidad del Rosario)
  • Moderator: Claudia Sofia Melo (Professor, Universidad Javeriana)