Armenia: Embera in Quindio - Linguistics and oral tradition

Local: 4:00 pm
Paris: 10:00 pm
Alianza Francesa de Armenia Calle 6 norte # 16-25, Armenia, CO
Spanish / Embera chami

The Night of Ideas in Armenia will address the following themes:

  • Challenges of ethno-education: research difficulties due to lack of background.
  •  Listening to transcribe: international phonetic alphabet - the influence of colonialism on the construction of ancestral narratives, myths, words and ways of life.
  • The meaning of narrative from the translator's point of view.

With : Javier Florez Miranda (Social anthropologist and specialist in Constructivism); Cristian Patiño Jaramillo (Literature student at the University of Quindio and manager of the project Nëbura: For an ethnic and rural Quindio route); Estefania Rodriguez Rozo (Professor of Literature at the University of Quindio)