Locale : 18h00
Paris : 08h00
Powerhouse Museum 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australie, Sydney, AU

This edition of the Night of Ideas in Australia, focusing on the theme « (Re)building Together », will feature vibrant, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary conversations about arts, the environment, democracy, and much more!
Created in partnership with the Alliance Française de Sydney, the Powerhouse and the Ambassade de France en Australie, the Night of Ideas will be held at Sydney’s Powerhouse on January 27, at 6pm.
In the case of Australia, it will be broadcasted on the Facebook page of the Night of Ideas. The debates will be moderated by Amanda Collinge, producer of Q&A on ABC. It places at the heart of the Nuit des Idées the challenges of building, in an interdependent world, supranational, collective and shared sovereignties, and authorizes the setting up of debates on contemporary conceptions of the collective and of living together – including the challenges posed by the withdrawal and assignment of identities, or the risks of intermingling.
Each speaker and performer will share their expertise and unique perspective on what “(Re)building together” means to them. Exploring how human connections are evolving during the global pandemic, they will address the following topics:

Rebuilding our soul with the performance on stage of this Ngiyampaa, Yuin, Bandjalang and Gumbangirr artist dedicated to sharing his culture through the power of music.

  • Eric Avery (singer and violonist)

The depth of the environmental crisis we face is a warning that we need to pay more attention to nature. In this part, artists will help us refocus on our relationship with the environment:

  •  Daria de Beauvais (curator of Palais de Tokyo, Paris), o Judy Watson (artist)
  • Ariel Salleh (sociologist)

The spread of urban environment is accused of alienating public space and putting social life at risk. A group of architects and a journalist will share ways to make urban architecture more sustainable, and to feel more connected to each other.

  • Djamel Klouche from the AUC Collective (French architect, Urbanism Prize 2021) o Elizabeth Farrelly (journalist)

The rise of populism and the identity crisis in modern westernized societies has disrupted our democracies. The traumatic attacks in Paris have left deep scars in our societies, yet we commonly underestimate our resilience. A victim of Paris’ Bataclan attack in Paris and a journalist who covered the tragedy will explain how they managed to move forward after the events. Our 2022 line-up gathers talented personalities, both French and Australian, coming from different backgrounds for talks, interviews and live performances.

  • David Fritz Goeppinger (writer) o Charles Miranda (journalist)

Rebuilding together our sense of the beauty with electronic-classical sound worlds visceral and immersive made by NGAIIRE, Nick Wales and Bree Van Reyk for Marrugeku’s new dance work Le Dernier Appel (The Last Cry).

  • Nick Wales (composer and musician) o Ngaiire (singer)
  • Bree van Reyk (percussion)

Political debates are part of the solution in order to rebuild together what can be. Gauchet is one of France’s most prominent contemporary intellectuals. He has written widely on such issues as the political consequences of modern individualism, the relation between religion and democracy, and the dilemmas of globalisation.

  • Marcel Gauchet (French philosopher and historian) o Nathalie Doyle (Professor)

To change a world where inequality and basic human dignity is under increasing threat. Craig Foster is a human rights and refugee ambassador, NSW Nominee Australian of the Year 2021.

  • Craig Foster

Modern life style and restrictions have had a detrimental effect on our ability to take care of ourselves. A French chef will discuss healthy cooking, and participants will be provided with samples of natural food.

  • Cherie Lyden (Wholegrain CEO and nutritionist) o Christophe Lavelle (CNRS research scientist)
    The ticket includes the access to the conference, free access to the museum exhibitions, and a degustation of French wines.

Rendez-vous on 27 January for the Night of Ideas 2022 6pm !

For the Australian event, more info => https://sacreblue.org/shape-the-future/the-night-of-ideas- 2022-line-up/