"Follow the Night Live"

See you on January 28, 2021 for 24 hours of non-stop live!

At a time when the global health crisis is restricting international gatherings and mobility of people, the French Institute will offer everyone the opportunity to follow and participate in a unique digital experience, 24h of Night and Ideas, which will cross time zones from Oceania to the West Coast of the United States, promote the free circulation of ideas and knowledge and make local experiences resonate in a great global live broadcast on social networks.

So for 24 hours, the next Night of Ideas will be an opportunity to feel "closer" than ever, to strengthen connections and break down boundaries, to interact with other audiences, and to celebrate thinking without barriers.

Schedule (Paris time)

Provisional programming likely to change between now and 28/01

9:00 am: Kick-off of the Night of Ideas

09h15: Live from Jena and Paris, interview with the philosopher Hartmut Rosa

9.45 am: Testimonies of Australian artists and intellectuals

10:05 am: On board the Lomaiviti Princess, the ferry that connects Viti Levu to the main islands of Fiji, meeting social workers, travellers, geographers and the captain.

10h20: Live from China, Exchanges between young Chinese people and Marie-France Hazebroucq, French director of a philosophy collection for teenagers (China)

11:05 a.m.: Conversation between director Singing Chen and choreographer Shu-yi Chou (Taiwan)

11:35 am: Live from Jena and Paris, interview with the philosopher Hartmut Rosa

12:05 pm: Interview in South Korea with Kim Won-jung, care specialist at the Korean Women Development Institute.

12:15pm: Performance specifically for the Night of Ideas by artist and activist Choi Taeyoon live from South Korea.

12:25 pm: Interview with Gong Ji-Young, Korean novelist

1:05 pm: Live visit of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, with its Director Maria Mok

1:15 pm: Interview with the Hong-Kong filmmaker and producer Johnnie To (Hong-Kong)

13h35: Night walk in the streets of St. Petersburg with urban planner Oleg Patchenkov

1:45 pm: Interview with Davy Chou, Franco-Cambodian filmmaker (Cambodia)

14h05: Visit of "Sky Park" and "Green bridge" with Niramon Serisakul, Director of Urban Design and Development Centre (Thailand)

2.15 pm: Major interview with the Russian writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya

2.50 pm: Cross performance by choreographer Olga Tsvetkova, in St Petersburg, and director Philippe Quesne, in Paris.

15h05: Night walk in the streets of Dushanbe in Tajikistan with Manzura Uljabaeva and Nisso Rassulova

15h15: Micro-trottle in the streets of Kathmandu, Nepal

3:30 pm: One hour live with the Red Fort in Delhi, India, with many international personalities including the feminist and environmental activist Vandana Shiva but also Susmita Mohanty, entrepreneur and environmental activist and the physicist and philosopher Etienne Klein.

16h35: Interview with Sarah Kabir, author of Voices of Peace, a Sri Lankan writer who works on inter-ethnic conflicts and the dynamics of reconciliation.

16h50: Stroll in the United Arab Emirates to reflect on the relationship experienced in space in the light of confinement, with the anthropologist Laure Assaf.

17h05: Great live dialogue between young Turks and young Greeks

17h50: Night bus ride through the streets of Nairobi, Kenya

6:05 pm: Interview on the Nile with researcher Caroline Barbary, about Egyptian youth

18h15: Readings of texts in Hebrew, Arabic and French from Israel

18h25: Walk with urban planner Kareem Ibrahim in the streets of Esna, Egypt

18h35: Journey to the mountains of Lebanon with the choreographer Alexander Paulikevitch

19h50: Interview from Copenhagen with the great Danish restaurateur Claus Meyer

8:05 pm: Live walkabout with dancers from the Ennovate Dance House collective in Lagos, Nigeria.

20h10 : Night walk in Libreville in Gabon with Janis Otsiemi

20h20: Testimonies at all ages in Romania on the theme of publishing

8.30 pm: Interview with Djaïli Amadou Amal, Cameroonian, Prix Goncourt les lycéens in 2020. A woman's word on family relationships, the violence they can involve, writing, gender in Africa.

9:05 pm: Live from Jena and Paris, interview with the German philosopher Hartmut Rosa

21h25: Interview in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, between journalist Margot Dijkgraaf and actor and poet Ramsey Nasr.

9.30 pm: Walk through the streets of Rome with its former mayor, Francesco Rutelli

21h45: Walk in the streets of Sarajevo with Boris Trapara, architectural historian

21h50: Near the Seine River, in Paris, Professor Romuald Fonkoua, President of the Scientific Council of the Foundation for the Memory of Slavery, highlights the performance near the Congo River, in Brazzaville, of Afro Beatbox Kongo Jazza group composed of 3 artists from both sides of the river.

10:05 pm: Big interview from Cairo with the Egyptian poetess Iman Mersal

22h40: Interview in Amsterdam, Netherlands, between journalist Margot Dijkgraaf and philosopher Daan Roovers.

23h05: Great dialogue between the playwrights Ahmed El Attar, in Egypt, and Ossama Halal, in Lebanon.

23h40 : Journey in the Transgabonais train to evoke the National Natural Parks of Gabon

23h55: Walk in the streets of the medina of Tetouan, Morocco, with the art historian Bouaabid Bouzid

00h20: Direct and cross performance by Dan Tempfer and Thomas Enhco, between France and the United States

00:30 : Carte blanche to Patti Smith from New York City

01h05: Interview with Jim Jarmush in New York City from the Brooklyn Public Library

01h20: Big interview with the indigenous philosopher and activist Ailton Krenak from Brazil

01h45: From Caracas, Venezuela, musical performance around indigenous instruments.

02h25 : From Santa Marta in Colombia, reflections on magic realism

02h30 : Live debate from Mexico on the relationship with animals, with Antonio Lazcano Araujo, Jean Denis Vigne, Esperanza Martinez Romero and Paulina Rivero Weber.

02h50 : From Cali in Colombia, dance performance

02h55 : From Medellin in Colombia, reflections on urban art and botany

03h05 : Great dialogue on the Mexican and American border, from Monterrey and Houston, with sociologists Victor Zuniga, Chad Richardson and Ruben Hernandez-Leon.

03h50: Testimony of the Argentinean novelist Luciana de Mello on writing workshops in prison

04:05 : 3rd interview with German sociologist Hartmut Rosa

04:30 : Interview with Lonnie Bunch, founder and former director of the Museum of African American History and Culture and now director of the Smithsonian.

04:45 : Interview: Souleymane Bachir Diagne, professor at Columbia University, in conversation with Barbara Cassin, philosopher

05:25 : Art as a creator of solidarities, 5 conversations in front of works of art from the Hirshhorn Museum (USA) : Interview with the director of the museum in the gardens around the two new acquisitions

05:35 : Dialogues and wandering in Chicago with an architect, Jeanne Gang And Guests: The Art Of City Making To Get People Closer (USA)

05:45 : Interview with Brandan "Bmike" Odums (USA)

06:10 : Democracy as Proximity on the Freedom trail (Boston, USA)

06:30 : Dialogue between Robert Barsky and Lauren Tate Baeza, new curator of African art at the High Museum, Atlanta (USA)

07:10: Beyond Los Angeles : Social networks as catalysts for digital proximity and federators of common causes and interests Discussion on the sites of the Museum of Natural History, George Lucas Museum, Los Angeles Stadium, USC Campus, Walt Disney Concert Hall (USA)

07:30 : Interview with Thomas Pesquet, French astronaut

07:50 : Visit of the Space Center in Houston (USA)

08:00 : Conclusion and closing of the 6th Night of Ideas