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"Connected Fragments - Spirit Animals" with Philippe Martin

"Connected Fragments - Spirit Animals"  with Philippe Martin

when : 25/01/2018 - 19h30

location: Alliance Française de Suva, 20 Desvoeux road, Suva, Fiji, 20 Desvoeux road , Suva

country: Fiji


For Native Americans everything has its own spirit (Wakan) but all share the same spiritual essence (Wakan Tanka). Their tradition also provides that each person is connected different animals that will accompany them throughout their lives. They believe that Spirit Animal is a living part of ourselves because we are all animals. The work of Philippe Martin is an expressive depiction of a close interaction between human and animal spirits that he conveyed in the form of Totems.


Philippe Martin, Artiste peintre


Thomas Feldstein, Directeur - Alliance Française de Suva