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Atelier créatif: de l'art & des idées autour du réchauffement climatique

Atelier créatif: de l'art & des idées autour du réchauffement climatique

when : 31/01/2019 - 18h00

location: Alliance Française Calgary à cSPACE, #350, 1721 29th Ave SW, T2T 6T7 , Calgary

country: Canada


Cette année, l'Alliance Française de Calgary s'associe avec l'artiste Lanre Ajayi, récompensé meilleur artiste 2018 par le maire de Calgary.

Dans le cadre de la thématique 2018 « Face au présent », Lanre a choisi d’échanger autour du réchauffement climatique en proposant un atelier de peinture paysage acrylique qui se déroulera en anglais.

"The subject of global warming has been under-emphasized in different communities around the world based on religious and systemic beliefs as either a taboo or unrealistic. Whether we like it or not, it’s a major issue affecting our time and if care is not taking, mother earth is daily crying and the planet we call home is facing some perilous times. Hurricane, landslide, and earthquake are happening all around the world. The Ozone layer is deprecating and the rate of Ice melting in Antarctica is alarmist.

To this end, I am creating a painting with a technique called fluid painting during this workshop using painting on canvas with a depiction of a clear and beautiful blue sky planet with almost run-over orange and fire red of a heat and burning sun.

The aim of this painting is to further lay emphasis on the issue Facing Our Time, the peril of global warming. If care is not taken to do the needful especially in the area of taking good care of our planet, we all stand to lose a lot in terms of precious lives and properties by the devastating effect of global warming. If we take care of our planet, the planet will take good care of us."

Lanre Ajayi


Lanre Ajayi, Artiste engagé

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